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Does God Even Exist? – A Sunday series

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A lot of us have big questions about Jesus, the Bible, world problems, progress, peril, whether it’s all relative, if there’s a reason for your life, and whether truth, beauty and love have any lasting meaning.

But underneath those question is another one. And it’s a doozie: Does God even exist?

On September 17th at Westminster we started a new Sunday teaching series exploring just that.

Do you want to better understand the reasons and evidence for your faith? Then this is for you.
Do you want to better defend your faith? Then this is for you.
Are you simply unsure but want to learn more? Then this is for you.

In a respectful, thoughtful way, we’re exploring the myth that science and faith are opposites, and then three big arguments for the existence of God.

Here are the audio podcasts:
PART 1 (September 17): “Mind Before Matter

PART 2 (September 24): “God, That’s Beautiful

PART 3 (October 1): “The Maker of Morality”

Pushback Questions (blogs in response to counter-arguments):
Pushback Question #1: “If ‘something can’t come from nothing’ who (or what) created God?

Pushback Question #2: “Doesn’t the Big Bang Theory contradict what Genesis says about how long it took God To create everything?

Pushbaack Question #3: “What if there are millions of universes and it just so happens that ours supports this kind of amazing life by chance?

Usually we don’t produce a manuscript for the different teaching series at Westminster. But this time we will. Here it is: 2017 10 Does God Even Exist – M Ruttan – Series Manuscript

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The series is called, “Does God Even Exist? – The 1 Question That Changes Everything.”

We hope you’ve followed along. Let’s continue to grow and learn together–about both faith and reason–in God’s wonderful world.


September 17, 2017


10:30 am - 11:00 am


170 Steel Street
Barrie, Ontario L4M 2G4 Canada


705 728 0541


Reverend Ruttan
705 728 0541

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