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Peachy – A new Sunday series at Westminster

Have you ever heard someone say that they’re “peachy”? It usually means they’re doing pretty well, maybe even carefree.

But on Sunday, January 8th, our pastor will start a new 3-part series of Sunday messages that will redefine what it means to be “peachy.”

The subtitle of the series is this: How to have confident convictions and lead with love when others think your faith makes you foolish or fanatical.

Here’s the background:

Have you noticed that society is changing? Canada is becoming increasingly secular. Not only is it becoming more diverse, but 25% of the population has no religious affiliation. And if you consider the fact that many people who somehow identify with the Christian faith are not actually practicing their faith, the percentage of people with no religious affiliation is actually much higher.

With that in mind, more and more people think that simply having religious convictions puts puts you at odds with the prevailing, majority opinion on a whole host of topics. Simply being a Christian can make you seem foolish or fanatical to some people.

And yet.

For years, many people have argued that globalization, education and scientific advances would strangle belief in God. But that has simply not happened. In fact, the Washington Post recently summarized some research and concluded that “the world is expected to become more religious–not less.” Globally, four out of five people choose to believe in God.

Even here in North America, where a large portion of the population adheres to no belief in God, churches that hold fast to long-standing biblical truth are growing spiritually and numerically.

In light of all this, the Peachy series at Westminster is designed to…

  1. help you understand the change around you
  2. help you prepare to be increasingly marginalized or made fun of for your beliefs in a society that is unsure about religion but still desires God
  3. be more confident in your Christian convictions, and
  4. lead with love so that you can impact the world with Jesus’ grace and truth no matter what.

The change around us can actually be a opportunity for good. It can help us better understand the world, help us better understand and strengthen our faith, and re-energize us to live out God’s command to love with new passion.

Peachy: How to have confident convictions and lead with love when others think your faith makes you foolish or fanatical.

Join in. You’ll be glad you did.



January 8, 2017


10:00 am - 11:15 am


170 Steel Street
Barrie, Ontario L4M 2G4 Canada


705 728 0541


Reverend Ruttan
705 728 0541

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