Sunday School & Nursery

At Westminster on Sunday Morning there is Kids and Youth Ministry (Sunday School) for those aged pre-school to the end of high school.  We also offer nursery care for the little ones.

Our Sunday School is very vibrant with over 70 children taking part in this important ministry.


Worship and Time with the Pastor

The Children and Youth stay in the sanctuary to worship at the start of the service and then have a time with the Pastor (called Kids’ Time in the bulletin) about 15 minutes into the start of the service. Then they head downstairs.

What Happens Downstairs?

As soon as the children and youth venture downstairs, they gather together and Laura Ruttan (Sunday School Coordinator), leads everyone in “The Vital Verse” (a.k.a. the verse of the month).  Beginning September 9th, we will be memorizing John 14:15.  Ask your child to teach it to you!

For all the details regarding Sunday School, click here.

We also have a nursery available for kids up to 3 years old (roughly) and you can feel free to drop them off before the service begins. Just ask the greeter at the door where to go.

Our nursery helpers are there at 9:45am and are a friendly and loving group. It’s a bright, inviting space located down the stairs at the back of the sanctuary.

Youth Groups

Our Youth Coordinator Julie Cunha organizes this program, and meets with parents to go over guidelines, best practices and what families can expect in these sessions.

One change we have introduced is that we have split our group into a younger and older group. The Junior group (grades 5 to 8) meets on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8:30pm & the Senior group has their own small group led by Julie as a part of our small groups program.  The Senior Youth Group meets Thursday evenings from 7 to 8:30pm at the church.

We use a lively curriculum, talk faith, have fun, enjoy snacks, and form relationships as we talk about and grow in our faith together.


We have a small groups program at Westminster. It is a place where, once a week, people gather for an hour and a half to talk more deeply about the pastor’s Sunday message and Bible passage.

Groups generally meet at the church but sometimes meet at people’s homes, depending on availability.

At each session, trained discussion leaders take the group through a discussion based on the previous Sunday’s sermon.

The evening also includes a time of prayer. Participants find these small groups to be very encouraging.

It truly is the place to go if you want to grow.

If you want to learn more, small groups (called “Vine Groups” at Westminster) have their own webpage.

You can read more here, and also see a short video that explains the process.


Sunday Service - March 1st

Sunday, Westminster

Westminster & Life 100.3 Movie Night!

Saturday, Westminster

thursday morning (1)Thursday Bible Study

The Thursday morning Bible study provides an opportunity for in-depth reading of the Bible in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is taught by the Reverend Claude Cox.

Over the past three years or so we have read through the Gospel of Mark, Revelation, Isaiah 40-55, 1 Corinthians, Ruth, John, and have also done a “whistle-stop” trip through some of the world religions. Attendance runs between eight and fifteen – a small enough number that everyone can actively participate.

We meet in the church library, a sunny, bright spot, very congenial for us. Our meeting time is 11-12, so every other week it follows the morning social. Rev. Ruttan teaches when Rev. Cox is away. This is a democratic group, so we do what the group as a whole wants to do.

Right now we are working through the book of Daniel.

1Vacation Bible Camp

Every year during the second week in July we host Vacation Bible Camp!

It includes fantastic songs, crafts, Bible stories, games, missions, and snacks. It is a popular Camp and we are blessed by the 80+ campers, but also by the 30+ volunteers who pull together to make it happen!

This is a real highlight each year at Westminster. Stay tuned for what to expect in 2020!

2March Break Camp

March Break Camp happens during the march break for public schools. 

It’s an exciting, action-packed experience with great songs, snacks, games, Bible stories and crafts, which teaches kids the importance of Jesus and God’s power in our lives.

It’s always a fun, energetic few days!

Untitled design (3)Choir

Music is a key part of worship at Westminster and the Choir plays an important role singing God’s praises every Sunday from September to June.  Made up of both men and women, the Choir leads praise songs and hymn-singing during Sunday service and offers Special Music at various times throughout the service.  Some members come from a history of singing choral music, others barely read music at all, but all come with an enthusiastic love of sharing God’s word through music and voice.

At two times during the year, the Choir prepares and presents more significant musical works. During Advent the Choir typically prepares a 20-30 minute Cantata and during Holy Week the Choir performs several major works, culminating in a celebratory music offering on Easter Sunday.

The Church encourages a wide variety of musical expression.  This is reflected in the occasional duet, trio, quartet, solo or ladies-only and men’s only choruses. The Choir welcomes new members at any time, please contact the office (728-0541) if you are interested in joining us for a Thursday night rehearsal.

Junior ChoirJunior Choir

The Junior Choir is for any child who wants to sing in church. Each Sunday, parents bring their kids to the Colvin Room (downstairs) at 9:15 a.m. They rehearse a song and sing it for the church that same day. One practice = one performance!

Parents enjoy a coffee in the fellowship hall before the service. It’s a great way for kids to praise God and be a part of what we do. We praise the Lord together as his family. And so this ministry is a great way for kids to praise God and actively be a part of glorifying the Lord through music.


Adult Social Club

The Adult Social Club is an opportunity for socializing for adults from Westminster.

The idea is this: Adults meet for dinner at local restaurants on the first Friday of each month at 6:30pm (to allow commuters to participate). Each month restaurants are chosen with modestly priced menus.

Join us and be uplifted (and fed) with Westminster adults and friends!

But be sure to set aside the first Friday of every month! The next event will take place on Friday, October 5th. Stay tuned for details.

Prayer Group

Many people pray individually and regularly. This is wonderful.

The prayer group is a time of prayer at Westminster on Monday evenings from 7-8pm downstairs in the Colvin Room.

We pray together as a group, and with intercessory prayer (praying on behalf of others).

As it states in Matthew 18: 20, “For where two or three are gathered in my Name, I am there among them.”

Consider attending this weekly time with God. If you are unable, consider joining us from wherever you are at that same time in prayer to the Lord. An internet prayer chain is in effect at Westminster.

If you have questions please speak with Mandy Hillyard who is the leader of the group.

3Leading With Care

Leading with Care is an initiative of our denomination, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, which seeks to ensure the safety and health all all people involved with the life of the church.

At Westminster there is a team of four which meets to ensure the safety of our environment, especially those who are vunerable–the young and the elderly.

The policy is not reactive, but proactive. Volunteers are required to adhere to a care policy and submit police record checks.

God loves all his children. In the church we also strive to share this love and protection with others.

the deacon's fundDeacon’s Fund

The Deacon’s Fund is designed to help people who are struggling financially. At Westminster, congregants can build up the Fund on Sundays when the Sacrament of Communion is celebrated by making a financial donation. This is how monies are made available for this purpose.

For those wishing to apply, they may download a Deacon’s Fund application here: deacon-application-2016-09-30

Completed applications can be brought in person to the church and handed in at the church office, or they can be emailed to: office [at] westminsterpc [dot] ca.

An Application Committee receives the forms and considers the requests based on a variety of factors, including the availability of funds.

Then the applicant is notified as to whether the request is granted or denied. If you know someone who may benefit from this Fund, please let them know!

If you would like an application sent to you, or if you have any questions, please use the feedback form at the bottom of this page. It will be sent directly to the pastor who sits on the committee.

Stitch and Chatter

Stitch and Chatter is a women’s mission group who meets once a month on the second Wednesday. We support Mustard Seed, the Leprosy Mission, the Westminster Care Fund and Youth Haven, a local Christian organization.

During our gatherings we clip stamps to make additional funds for the Leprosy Mission. Each meeting has a devotional and a light lunch, after which we close with the Irish Blessing.

Occasionally we also host guest speakers. We have a potluck luncheon in December in June.

3Thursday Morning Social

The Thursday Morning Social is a gathering that happens every other Thursday morning at the Church from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

It is a great way for people in the congregation to become better acquainted and for people in the community to socialize. Please join us for some coffee, cake and conversation.

We love making new friends.



Iin 2013 year we launched “Blend: Young, Old and In Between, Together in Christ.”

This is a ministry designed to bring us together as a church to engage in activities that will encourage fellowship, fun and faith for all ages. The organizer of this initiative is our Youth Coordinator Julie Cunha.

We come together for a wide range of activities from bowling to hiking to games nights and service activities.

Keep plugged in to the Events page for new events!


Sunday Service - March 1st