No pain, no gain

No pain, no gain

Two young boys cut their hands before a handshake. It’s a sign of their bond with one another. We could also call it a covenant. They are now “blood brothers.” We too are in a covenant relationship with God. He is faithful to us. We are supposed to be faithful to him. But what happens when we aren’t? What happens when we don’t live up to our end of the relationship? What happens when we are covenant-breakers instead of covenant keepers? Here’s where it is important to remember why Good Friday is “good.” It’s not because of what happened TO Jesus, but because of what happened FOR us. This sermon is based on John 14:15 and highlights what Jesus’ disciples are supposed to do if they love him; more importantly, it highlights two life-changing facets about Jesus’ saving work (in his ministry and on the cross) which are literally the best news ever. There’s a reason the cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. His pain, our gain.


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