Talking To Your Kids About Christmas

Talking To Your Kids About Christmas

It’s easy to get sideswiped by the frantic war-zone experience at Toys ‘R Us and line-ups for Santa.

So here is some quick help for talking to your kids about Christmas in the form of a Q and A. It’s taken from a handout I prepared for people coming to our services at Westminster on Christmas Eve.

Then at the bottom I’ll offer a few simple (free) ideas about how to make Christmas more meaningful.

Question: What is Christmas about?
Answer: It’s about Jesus’ birthday.

Question: Is Jesus alive?
Answer: Yes. But in a different way than you and me. He lived over 2000 years ago. But after he died he came back to life. Now he lives in heaven with God and rules the world with him.

Question: Who is Jesus?
Answer: He is God’s Son. (FYI, he is usually called Jesus Christ. “Christ” means “anointed one,” meaning God’s chosen representative and king on the earth.)

Question: Why do we go to church?
Answer: It’s called worship. It’s when we celebrate God, pray, sing, focus on the things that are important as a family, and learn more about Jesus.

Question: Why didn’t we talk about Santa at church?
Answer: Santa is fun and helps us celebrate Jesus’ birthday. But it’s not all about him. Jesus is the reason for Christmas. Santa just helps us with the party.

Question: Why do we get presents at Christmas?
Answer: At a birthday party there are presents! But because of God’s love, instead of Jesus opening them, you get to! It’s also a way of remembering the wise men who gave Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. Also, God likes it when we’re generous.

Question: Why is Jesus important?

  • Jesus shows us who God is and teaches us how to live, how to love, and what the truth is.
  • He also shows us how God wants to make the world better and invites us to help.
  • If you ask Jesus to forgive you for what you’ve done wrong, he will forgive you.
  • If you believe in him, you even get to live with God after you die! Forever!

Question: What is “believing” (or “faith”)?
Answer: It is trusting in Jesus every day, being a good friend to him. It means getting to know him and trying to live like he wants.

Question: What is praying?
Answer: Praying is talking to God. You can do it with others, or by yourself. Just be honest and be yourself.

A Few More Ideas For A Meaningful Christmas

  • Say a prayer and thank God for Jesus and his birthday.
  • Put up a nativity scene—and on Christmas morning hide the baby Jesus in a place the kids can find. Before you open your presents, search for him and put him in the manger.
  • Or before or after presents (or dinner) read part of the Christmas Bible story from Luke chapter 2, verses 1 to 20.
  • When you put a star or angel on the tree, remind everyone about that part of the story: about the star that guided the wise men or the angel who told Mary she was pregnant or appeared to the shepherds.
  • Go for a family walk in the evening to look at the Christmas lights.

We can make Christmas frantic. I get that!

But hopefully this short post helps us make it faithful too.



  1. So true and helpful Matthew. Thank you for always helping us to remember the true reason.

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