Christmas Eve

This year at Westminster Church in Barrie, in addition to our usual Sunday morning service, we have two Christmas Eve services in the evening (scroll down for a video):


This is a service we began a few years ago and has become very popular. If you have children it’s often hard to come to a 7pm service. So this 35-minute service is very family friendly and includes the nativity story in the form of an engaging puppet show, and even singing a few carols in the dark by battery-operated tea lights! (You’ll be handed one when you come in.) Come as you are, and don’t worry if your kids make noise. That’s okay!


This is also a very popular service. We sing, reflect on the nativity story and how it gives purpose to our lives, and sing carols in the dark with (real) candles. You’ll be handed one of the candles when you come in the door. It’s a highlight of the church year!

GIVING DONATIONS AWAY – 100% of the financial offerings at the 5:30 and 7pm services will be given away to help send kids to church-sponsored summer camps!

We’re located at 170 Steel Street in Barrie, Ontario. If you have questions, fill out the form below, or call us at 705-728-0541.