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Welcome to our (new!) podcast called The Word at Westminster. It’s all about learning and living God’s word.

It includes talks, studies, interviews, sermons and more from Westminster Church in Barrie, Canada.

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Here are the most recent episodes:

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  • Did the resurrection really happen? Explaining and defending our foundational belief April 8, 2024
    The resurrection of Christ is paramount. Without it our faith is “futile,” says Paul. It is vindication and victory, triumph over tribulation, the defeat of sin, Satan, death and darkness, and help and hope for the world. But are you confident about it? This sermon is Part 1 of 2, takes us through John 20:19-31 […]
  • God Who Raises Corpses – a resurrection prayer of hope April 3, 2024
     This is our pastoral prayer from Easter Sunday. Perhaps it could be your prayer as well.
  • “Is everything sad going to come untrue?”  (Sermon) April 2, 2024
    At the end of the Lord of the Rings trilogy Frodo asks, “Is everything sad going to come untrue?” Because of the resurrection of Christ, the answer is Yes! The resurrection was about one person, Jesus. But it was also about more than one person: everyone who follows him. This is hope-saturated good news for […]
  • The Perfect Blood of the Lamb (Sermon) March 29, 2024
    The imagery is kind of harsh. Blood? In fact, some people try to avoid talking about it. But Good Friday is not a time for closing our eyes to the reality of sin, suffering and sacrifice. Jesus is called the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. It’s an amazing promise. […]
  • Virtue as We Enter the New Dark Ages March 27, 2024
    Virtue feels a bit out of place these days. Like a ninth grade student who has wandered into a party and isn’t sure if they’re in the right house, Virtue is a bit gangly and awkward, and surrounded by a bunch of people who are just trying to “seize the day.” Their master Impulse would […]
  • ‘The Triumphal Entry’ (Sermon) March 24, 2024
    This Sermon is from our Palm Sunday Service. William Min, our Coordinator of Youth and Outreach led the service while Pastor Ruttan was on his last day of vacation. William looked at the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, some of the cultural context around its timing, and how Jesus seldom works according to […]
  • The resurrection and the life March 18, 2024
    On Sunday March 17, 2024, William Min (our Coordinator of Youth and Outreach) led the Sermon while Pastor Ruttan was away on his annual vacation. William looked at the story of how Jesus resurrects Lazarus from the dead and how it is one of 4 Messianic miracles. He focused on how we will soon be […]
  • ‘When tokens point to Jesus’ (Youth Time message from William from Mar.10, 2024) March 12, 2024
    Pastor Ruttan recently used the quote “ A coincidence is a small miracle when God chooses to remain anonymous.” That has been true for my life… on more than many occasions! It is good to remind ourselves that God is always watching over us and provides for us in our time of need… even through small […]
  • Crooked Sticks Draw Straight Lines – Esther, Part 5 (Sermon) March 11, 2024
    Things are turning into a bloody mess. And yet, there is joy. The Jews of ancient Persia stand under an annihilation order. But now they are allowed to defend themselves. All of it occurs under the providence of a wise, love, sovereign and holy God. This sermon is the final installment in our series on […]
  • God Works In The Trenches – Esther, Part 4 (Sermon) March 3, 2024
    Life can feel like a war zone. It gets messy. Mistakes pile up. We try to improve a situation only to make it worse. Our shortsightedness results in long-term consequences. People collide, things break — including hearts. When that happens, does God step back and say, “Oh wow, things are too messed up, best let […]
  •  Pride goes before destruction – Esther, Part 3 (Sermon) February 26, 2024
    Proverbs 16:18 is a famous warning: “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” In this sermon on Esther 5-7, we see this proverb illustrated perfectly in the rise (and fall) of the dreaded Haman. Haman is second only to the king, but his pride, arrogance and anger envelop him, leading to […]
  • For Such A Time As This – Esther, Part 2 (Sermon) February 19, 2024
    Perhaps Esther had come to her royal position “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). She had risen quickly to become queen, but now her people were faced with annihilation at the hands of the murderous Haman. Should she try to hide, or confront the king and act? It was a risky move; she […]
    This short podcast is taken from the service on February 11, 2024. Pastor Ruttan recalls an apocryphal story by Peggy Campolo about the gates of heaven and when Peter and Paul’s numbers don’t line up. He then ties it to Romans 3:23-24
  • STATE OF THE UNION – The annual pastor’s update February 14, 2024
    Every year Pastor Ruttan includes a report in the church’s annual report. This year he has made an audio version as well. He provides a big picture review of the past year, and a look ahead. He describes the situation as we emerge from the pandemic and a few key priorities moving forward. Enjoy! 
  • Where is God? – Esther, Part 1 (Sermon) February 12, 2024
    The young Esther rises to become Queen, confronts the misguided King, and saves her people in a great act of courage. Yes, that’s a big part of the story. But, as we will find, there is much more going on. The book doesn’t even mention the name of God. Does that mean God is absent? […]
  • Youth Groups Update with William Min February 9, 2024
    William has recorded this encouraging and informative update on Westminster Youth. There is much to look forward to, but he points out that most importantly, the goal is to raise up disciples of Christ. Thanks for the update William!