The Word at Westminster

Welcome to our (new!) podcast called The Word at Westminster. It’s all about learning and living God’s word.

It includes talks, studies, interviews, sermons and more from Westminster Church in Barrie, Canada.

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Here are the most recent episodes:

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  • You go to who you know (Sermon) October 18, 2021
    When you’re in over your head, who do you go to? You go to someone you know personally, who is trustworthy, and who has a track record of being helpful. One of the reasons we don’t open up to God and invite him into our most desperate places is because, perhaps, we don’t truly know […]
  • What did Jesus mean when he said to store up treasure in heaven? October 15, 2021
    If we’re not supposed to store up “treasures on earth,” what does it mean to store up “treasures in heaven” (while we’re still on earth)? This episode and post by Pastor Ruttan looks to Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount for some answers. The original version of this podcast with text version and chapter and […]
  • Heaven’s Appetizer (Sermon) October 11, 2021
    If a hiker is nearing his destination at the top of the mountain, he stops feeling tired, even if he is in fact tired. Why? Because nearing his goal and reward takes precedence in his mind. We continue to push forward in a pandemic world. But we’re tired. The end is not yet in view. […]
  • Displaced Persons (Sermon) October 4, 2021
    There are over 80 million displaced persons on earth. But what if there was another kind of displaced person? Someone who walked among us, wandering — someone who has yet to connect with what matters most and is unsure of who they are and who they are truly called to be? In this sermon on […]
  • Someone who’s been there (Sermon) September 26, 2021
    When someone has been through a hardship which is similar to something you are going through you tend to be more receptive to what they have to say. The other person is probably also motivated to help you out since they know how bad it can be from personal experience. Someone who’s been there like […]
  • Claude Cox introduces Chap Talk at Westminster September 21, 2021
    This episode is an introduction to Chap Talk by Claude Cox at Westminster. This is an opportunity to talk with someone at the church (or online) on Tuesday mornings as we journey through this tough chapter of life. Pastor Ruttan provides some context, and then Claude explains.
  • Spiritual adultery or fidelity (Sermon) September 19, 2021
    Have you ever thought, ‘Well, maybe Jesus isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. Maybe I should consult a fortune-teller or rub that little Buddha’s belly just to ensure I have all my bases covered.’ In this sermon from September 19, 2021 called “Spiritual adultery or fidelity” Pastor Ruttan explores Hebrews 1:4-14 and the sufficiency […]
  • Jeff Walther talks about the value of Small Groups September 17, 2021
    Small Groups get together (in-person or online) to go deeper with the Bible and Sunday’s sermon. They get to know one another and pray together. Westminster’s small groups program (called Vine Groups) resume again in autumn 2021. In this brief talk, Pastor Ruttan asks Jeff Walther some questions about what it’s like, some things he’s […]
  • The radiance of Jesus (Sermon) September 13, 2021
    Have you ever faced hardship, considered turning back, wondered if Jesus makes a difference, or wanted confidence and courage no matter what? Enter the book of Hebrews. This episode shares with you Pastor Ruttan’s sermon from September 12, 2021 on Hebrews 1:1-3 called “The radiance of Jesus.” It begins a journey through this perpetually relevant […]
  • Radiance: An introduction to Hebrews September 10, 2021
    Through Autumn 2021 Pastor Ruttan will lead us through the book of Hebrews in the Bible. This podcast episode is a short introduction about who wrote it and why, and also about why it continues to matter for us today.
  • Man! We have a problem! (Sermon), Jeff Walther September 7, 2021
    Be honest. Do you ever take your eyes off the road or listen with one ear? That usually leads to problems. On Sunday, September 5th we welcomed guest speaker Jeff Walther. In this message he takes us back to a historic week in 1970 to think about the life and death importance of focus.
  • Count what truly counts (Sermon) August 8, 2021
    “The good life” is about getting; but a great and godly life is about giving. That’s what Pastor Ruttan explores in this sermon from August 8, 2021 on Acts 20:13-38 where Paul recounts some of his own hardships and gives a farewell speech to the elders in Ephesus. Paul quotes Jesus’ words that “It is […]
  • Reading and understanding the Bible when you’re by yourself August 5, 2021
    When you’re reading the Bible by yourself, do you ever find parts of it confusing? In this latest podcast episode, Pastor Ruttan shares five principles of interpretation which are kind of like ‘rumble strips’ on the road to help ensure you don’t go into the interpretive ditch. He hopes they will help give you increasing […]
  • Being different makes a difference (Sermon) August 2, 2021
    Do you ever feel strange because of your faith? What if that wasn’t such a bad thing? And what if there was a purpose in it? In this sermon from August 1, 2021, those are questions which come up through Acts 17:16-34. When it comes to faith, we need to fall out of love with […]
  • Singing in the storm (Sermon) July 26, 2021
    Are you feeling under strain? Would you like to know a little thing that is actually a big thing and which can help you navigate your trials? In this sermon on Acts 16:16-34 from July 25, 2021 Pastor Ruttan looks at Paul and Silas singing in prison after having been unjustly treated, stripped, given a […]
  • Avoiding the post-pandemic crash (Sermon) July 19, 2021
    Generally speaking, our bodies and minds are designed to handle crises for short periods of time. But the COVID-19 pandemic has been anything but short. We have been living in a state of emergency perpetually. As a result, there is a threat of a post-pandemic “crash,” when fatigued systems just can’t keep it up anymore. […]
  • Being baptized – by Kristin Stouffer July 15, 2021
    In this episode, Kristin Stouffer shares her faith statement from the day she was baptized at Westminster. It's a sincere and moving story of faith. Kristin, we thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us. Your words are a blessing and help others reflect on their own journey and what it means […]
  • God’s signature (Sermon) July 12, 2021
    In this sermon from July 11, 2021 Pastor Ruttan takes us through Acts 14:8-20 and the visit of Paul and Barnabas to Lystra. In a whirlwind visit we learn about creation and how it is evidence of a Creator, about how it points to the kindness of our creation, and can even be a source […]
  • Faithfulness is never wasted (Sermon) July 4, 2021
    This on Acts 6:8 - 7:60 is about the martyrdom of Stephen, who died by stoning. This sermon highlights four themes embedded in Stephen’s words: (1) God’s faithfulness in the past assures us of God’s faithfulness in the present; (2) Knowing the Scriptures well enable you to better apply God’s wisdom to your own modern […]
  • Welcome Message July 2, 2021
    Welcome to our new podcast called The Word at Westminster! This intro message provides some background and what to expect.