Confirmation Classes

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie

Confirmation is an opportunity for many of our young people to discuss the meaning of Jesus, participate in some faith-based activities, and see whether they want to make the faith their own—i.e. so that their faith isn't just something a parent believes in, but that they believe in. If a child has already been baptized, this would mean they are confirming their faith. If a child hasn't yet been baptized, this would be the time for that to happen as they publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ. It is also the moment when a young person becomes a full “professing member” of the congregation. These gatherings will take place on Sept 21 (7pm), Sept 28 (7pm) and Oct 5(7pm). They will be led by Pastor Ruttan.  To RSVP or to ask questions email or call the church office at 705-728-0541.