Confirmation Classes #2

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie

Confirmation is an opportunity for many of our young people to discuss the meaning of Jesus, participate in some faith-based activities, and see whether they want to make the faith their own—i.e. so that their faith isn't just something a parent believes in, but that they believe in. If a child has already been baptized, this would mean they are confirming their faith. If a child hasn't yet been baptized, this would be the time for that to happen as they publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ. It is also the moment when a young person becomes a full “professing member” of the congregation. These gatherings will take place on Sept 21 (7pm), Sept 28 (7pm) and Oct 5 (7pm). They will be led by Pastor Ruttan.  To RSVP or to ask questions email or call the church office at 705-728-0541.