Sunday Service – January 20

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

(Here is our location via Google Maps.) You’re invited to join us on Sunday, January 20 at 10:01 am as we worship our amazing God! We will sing songs to God, pray, learn, and encourage one another through the journey of life. There will be nursery care, and our full Sunday School will be in operation — pre-school to high school. Recently, our pastor started a new 5-part Sunday teaching series called “Heaven & Hell – What does the Bible teach about what is true? (Instead of what we want to be true.)” On January 20th we’ll continue this important series. (If you want to see a short YouTube video introduction to the series, or catch up on Parts 1 and 2, click here.) The topic will be a difficult but important one: Hell. Let’s worship and be a part of something bigger together!

Sunday Service – Feb. 5, 2023

Joy. How do we find it when we don’t feel it? In the midst of their own sadness because of his imminent departure, Jesus told his disciples that their “hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” Likewise, we wonder how we can be joyful when we are surrounded by so much hardship and pain. This is our theme on Sunday as we explore John 16:4-24. How can we find joy when we don’t feel it? We will also learn a new memory verse (1 John 4:4). There will be Sunday School ministry (now divided into three age groups) and nursery care. We will sing and pray together, have fellowship, and be fix our eyes on the only One who is able to sustain and guide us! The service is at 10:01 am in-person and online via YouTube.

Sunday Service – May 7, 2023

It’s the most famous of the most famous psalms. People request it at funerals and underline it in their Bibles. They memorize it and plaque it for their walls. Many non-Christians can even recite the first few lines. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” On Sunday Pastor Ruttan will take us into this eternally comforting passage and explore what it might say to us today. If you missed it last week, click here for a short video introduction to this series on the Psalms. During the service we will honour God through biblical teaching, prayer, music, Sunday School, nursery care, and fellowship with one another. The service begins at 10:01am both in person and online via YouTube.

Sunday Service – July 30, 2023

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Summer is glorious! On Sunday, July 30th we gather to praise the Maker of heaven and earth. We will worship and have Sunday School and nursery care. Pastor Ruttan will share the second of two messages on the Most Famous Proverbs. In a world that likes being “to the point” the proverbs are just that: short sayings for living wisely daily. Many could fit on a bumper sticker or in a Twitter post: -“Pride goes before destruction…” -“Iron sharpens iron…” -“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” -“A joyful heart is good medicine…” -“Whoever troubles his own household will inherit the wind…” -“Walk with the wise and become wise…” But how do we interpret and apply them? This is what we’ll explore as we seek to live wisely daily. He will also bring examples of helpful ‘Study Bibles’ so you can see what it might like to be have one of these resources in your home. The service begins at 10:01am both in person and online via YouTube.

Sunday Service – Sept.17, 2023

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

We praise and honour God together on Sunday, September 17th at 10:01am. We sing, pray, learn, have fellowship and grow. Pastor Ruttan will continue our new teaching series on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians called "The beginning is nigh." Next we look at being God-pleasers instead of people-pleasers. There will be Sunday School, nursery care, and fellowship. After the service, you can also check out some books that remain from last Sunday's book sale.

Sunday Service – Oct. 8, 2023

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, October 8th is Thanksgiving Sunday! The Communion table will have the fruit of the season, and we will gather to sing, pray and learn as Jesus’ people. We will also hold a drive for the Barrie Food Bank. If able, please contribute! Pastor Ruttan will return to the current teaching series, “The beginning is nigh.” The text will be 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12, and the focus will be on what we're for, not just what we're against as Jesus' people. There will be dedicated teachers to provide Sunday School and faithful helpers in the nursery. We will have treats, drinks and fellowship after the service.

Sunday Service – Dec.3, 2023

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Advent begins! This is the four-week period leading up to Christmas. Advent means “coming,” and refers to the coming of Christ—not only at Christmas, but for his return. It is a season of anticipation and preparation. We will light the candle of hope, be blessed by special music, and celebrate the Sacrament of Communion. (See separate announcement for our procedure.) The teaching will be the second last instalment of the ‘Beginning is Nigh’ series. 2nd Thessalonians 2 is a dramatic chapter: Paul discusses ‘the rebellion,’ the ‘man of lawlessness,’ and standing firm as we await Jesus’ return. It is a text which is perfectly on-point for Advent. There will be Sunday School provided by thoughtful, helpful teachers, and loving nursery care. Let’s honour the Lord together. The service begins at 10:01am.  

Sunday Service – January 14, 2024

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

On Sunday we will praise God! It’s what we were made to do. We will sing and pray, learn from scripture, and support one another as the body of Christ. There will be Sunday school, nursery care, and fellowship time. As a part of the service we will hear some faith statements by people who are becoming professing members of the congregation. Pastor Ruttan will also give some teaching about ‘spiritual gifts 101.’ Every Christian has at least one “spiritual gift” that God has given them to use for his purposes in the world. What are they and how do you know? Come Holy Spirit! Let’s honour the Lord together. The service is at 10:01am.

Sunday Service – Feb.11, 2024

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

On Sunday we gather in-person for 10:01am to worship and praise the Triune God. We begin a new teaching series on the book of Esther, the young Jewish woman who ascended to the throne in times that were dangerous, politically and personally. Did you realize that it's the only book of the Bible in which God is not specifically named? There's no mention of miracles or Jerusalem. And yes, it is filled with moral ambiguities. A major theme will be discerning the hand of God when it's hard to see. We will worship, pray, and praise. Thoughtful and loving volunteers will lead Sunday School, provide nursery care, and facilitate fellowship time after the service. Come, Lord! Let’s honour the Lord together. The service is at 10:01am.