Miracles follow God’s mission (with Will Han)

Miracles follow God's mission (with Will Han)
The Word at Westminster
Miracles follow God's mission (with Will Han)

This is a special throwback podcast episode to a talk between Pastor Ruttan and Will Han on September 9, 2018 (during a Sunday worship service). It was Part 1 in a teaching series about miracles.

We wanted to include it because it has been one of the most downloaded messages in the past several years.

Will was a classmate of Pastor Ruttan, friend, and is a church planter. He has been a pastor and has also served as the Executive VP of Lausanne Movement Canada.

He speaks about his own skepticism concerning miracles, but also the mind-blowing healings he’s been a part of while on mission!

It’s called “God’s miracles follow God’s mission.” Listen in! Be challenged and inspired.