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Apr 2024
Firm Faith in the Resurrection [Series Summary]

Welcome. This podcast and post is called “Firm Faith in the Resurrection.” It is a summary of a two-part Sunday series called “Did the resurrection really happen? Explaining and defending our foundational belief.” It includes a lot of the content from the two sermons, plus a bit of extra background information. If you prefer to listen to the podcast version of this blog, click here. Let’s begin. Throwing sand......

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Sunday Service - April 21, 2024

Sunday Service – April 21, 2024

On Sunday, April 21 we gather to worship. For thousands of years God has called his people to gather, pray, sing his praise, learn from his Word, and support one another through fellowship. People...

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Sunday Service - April 14, 2024

Sunday Service – April 14, 2024

Christ is risen! On Sunday we continue to celebrate the power, love and truth of God together as his people. Pastor Ruttan will offer Part 2 in our mini series about the resurrection. Last...

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