Tag: God-made religion vs. Self-made religion

May 2024
Mesus, McJesus, and the rise of Fear (Sermon)

“Mesus” is a temptation for all of us; it’s self-projection. “McJesus” is consumerism gone bad, even with our faith–picking and choosing beliefs, even drawing from other religions. When these things happen, fear and anxiety can increase. They love a vacuum. They grow bigger and bigger as the Lordship of Jesus gets smaller and smaller. This sermon is on Colossians 2:6-23. We look at the concerning syncretism of this young......

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Sunday Service - May 12, 2024

Sunday Service – May 12, 2024

The word “worship” was sometimes used to include the idea of prostrating oneself on the ground in an act of homage. Although we don’t lie on the ground when we worship as a community,...

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