Sermons by Matthew Ruttan

Why Physical Health is a Spiritual Matter

Why Physical Health is a Spiritual Matter

Speaker: | June 11, 2017

If you run out of gas your car will stop working. It’s so obvious, right? Well, if it’s so obvious, why does it happen to so many people? It’s because we don’t always pay attention...

In Weakness, Strength

In Weakness, Strength

Speaker: | June 04, 2017

Honesty is a virtue. I’m not sure anyone would argue with that. It’s good to be honest about how we deal with our neighbours and about answering people’s questions. But we’re not always honest about...

The Right Thing, Not The Easy Thing

The Right Thing, Not The Easy Thing

Speaker: | May 28, 2017

“Dear God, please make me stronger.” I think that’s probably the #1 prayer for a lot of people. Stronger to do what you need to do; or to deal with health problems; or stress at...



Speaker: | May 21, 2017

Is persecution coming to Canada? Persecution is a big word. It can make us think of people in harrowing circumstances on the other side of the world. But will the persecution of Christians in Canada...

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Speaker: | May 14, 2017

“You are standing on the shoulders of giants.” The idea is simple—and powerful: That other people before you have spent time and energy on you, set an example, taught you, and prayed for you. These...

Someone's Missing Piece

Someone’s Missing Piece

Speaker: | May 07, 2017

“Why are you significant to someone else’s life?” That question might be easy to answer if you’re helping a best friend in crisis of if you’re a parent. But when thinking about the people in...

Imperfect People are Perfect Opportunities

Imperfect People are Perfect Opportunities

Speaker: | April 30, 2017

We live in a highly individualistic society. With iPads, drive thru windows, and personalized almost-anythings, we seem to love minimizing inconvenience. So it’s easy to bring that same perspective to our faith. We can make...

If He's Risen, He's Right

If He’s Risen, He’s Right

Speaker: | April 16, 2017

Dead or alive? Yes, it’s a Bon Jovi song. But it’s also the most important question we ask on Easter. Is Jesus dead, or is he alive? Is he a historical figure who came to...

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