10:01 am. 170 STEEL STREET, BARRIE

May 27

On Sunday, May 27th at 10:01am we gather to worship our generous and amazing God!

The nursery and Sunday School will be open.

During the sermon, our pastor will continue a series of messages called “Simplify – How to simplify your life for God’s glory and your sanity.” Here’s what he says about it: “Life can get crazy! And that’s true no matter how old or young you are. Recently I was talking to a high school student who said they were having trouble keeping their life organized and sane. Then I spoke with a retired person who said they wished they were working again so that they could get a rest! Many of us struggle with complexity in our lives. So wouldn’t it be great if we could be helped by biblical principles which simplify our lives? That’s the plan. The result can be a simplified life for God’s glory and your sanity.”

Part 1 was called “Fix Your Gaze” and centred on Proverbs 4:20-27 and the importance of setting priorities. On May 20th we explored learning how to rest and how a rested mind isn’t only about obedience to God’s commands, but clarifies your thinking. On May 27th we’ll explore living within your means and how this simplifies your life to God’s glory and your sanity.

Plus, we’ll sing a few praise songs and hymns, pray together, and encourage one another on the path of Christian faith.

Join in. It will be a strong Sunday to worship God together!

Service Times

Sunday Worship

Sunday 10:01 a.m.

How do I get there?

We’re on Steel Street in Barrie, between Johnson and Duckworth. If you’re coming from the 400 highway, take the Duckworth exit, head east, and turn left on Steel when you see the sign. You may want to click on the ‘Get directions via Google Maps’ link above and type in your address for exact coordinates.

Where We meet

Westminster Church

170 Steel Street, Barrie, ON L4M 2G4

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What should I wear?

Different people wear different things. Some wear golf shirts, some wear shirts and ties. A good approach is to come comfortably but respectably dressed.

Sunday School

After a time with the pastor called “kids time” (about 15 minutes into the service), the children go downstairs for Sunday School.

First, there is a Toddler Group. This group sings songs, makes crafts and plays games in a way that is fun and sensitive to their age.

The older children divide into two groups.

The Junior Group (children roughly 4 years old to Grade 3) follow a curriculum called Gospel Light. The children participate in discussion, Bible stories and crafts as they learn about Jesus’ love. During Sunday School they are welcomed as integral members of God’s family.

Recently children have also been encouraged to bring a small financial offering (perhaps some change or a few dollars) to put toward some self-chosen mission projects. This encourages in the children a sense of stewardship and concern for people who need our help.

The Senior Group (children roughly Grade 4 to 8) also follow the Gospel Light curriculum and engage in many of the same activities as the younger group. However, because of the age difference, there is more discussion and the activities are geared to a more mature age level.

Westminster is dedicated to providing a loving and safe environment for all of the children in our congregation. To help us in this regard we are in the process of implementing the Presbyterian Church’s nation-wide Leading With Care policy.


nursery church 2015 10We have a nursery available for kids up to 3 years old (roughly) and you can feel free to drop them off before the service begins. Just ask the greeter at the door where to go.

Our nursery helpers are there at 9:45am and are a friendly and loving group. It’s a bright, inviting space located down the stairs at the back of the sanctuary.

A Few Thoughts

  • "What I was looking for was a biblically based church with some liturgy; and evidence that the Holy Spirit was active."

    Mom, nurse, prayer warrior, music lover
  • The Spirit is definitely at work in this place. Westminster is a great place for families with children of all ages to feel welcome and to grow.

    Dad, husband, teacher
  • “As soon as I came I felt the warmth. And what happens during the service always encourages me and somehow speaks to me for the coming week.”

    Mom, volunteer
  • Westminster - Where we welcomed the Holy Spirit into our lives, were given peace, and also the strength to cope with illness.

    Dave & Val
  • As for me and my house, Westminster has become a place of peace, a place of learning, and a place of development

    Dad, husband, financial guru

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