The Shoulders of Giants – The Vine Discussion Questions for Week 9

On Sunday we had Part 3 in our current teaching series called “Team – Why you need other imperfect people in the game of life and faith.” So this Wednesday, May 17th at 7pm at The Vine we’ll get into the details.

This post lets you link to the podcast (in case you missed it), and lets you know the discussion questions ahead of time.

Podcast: “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”
If you missed the message or want to review it, you can listen in here.

Bible Passage
The Bible passage was a 2 Timothy 1:3-7; 3:14-15. You can read it here.


Here are this week’s questions so you can start to ponder Wednesday’s discussions:

1. In 2 Timothy 1:5 the apostle Paul says he is reminded of Timothy’s “sincere faith.” This first lived in his grandmother Lois and then in his mother Eunice. What is the difference between a faith that is “sincere” and a faith that is not? How can you guard against insincerity?

2. On Sunday, Julie Cunha and Guy Gagnon talked about spiritual giants in their own lives. Julie talked about a minister and family friend named Ted Creen, and Guy talked about his Grandma Steinberg. If you’re comfortable, tell the group about a spiritual giant from your own past. Why did they have such a big, positive impact on you?

3. When we think about the expression “standing on the shoulders of giants” we understand that other people have helped make us who we are today. But we don’t follow the logic through. If we are standing on the shoulders of giants, it follows that future giants are also standing on our shoulders! With that in mind, how can you nurture sincere faith in those in your immediate sphere of influence?

4. Matthew said “God grows what you sow into the next generation.” This is true not just for your own children (if you have any, or if you will have any), but for the influence you have in friendships, with extended family, or with co-workers or classmates. Your example and how you interact with others has a ripple effect extending beyond what you can see. Imagine a better world 100 years from now. Describe it to the group.

5. The “Team” series has come to a conclusion. In light of everything you’ve heard and discussed, how would you answer this question: Why do you need other imperfect people in the game of life and faith?


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