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Random Acts of Kindness
Light locations

November 13, 2022

The idea of “light” comes up a lot in the Bible, but not in a flick-the-switch kind of way. “Light” is a metaphor for the wisdom, guidance, goodness and blessing of God. Sounds nice. And...

Seeking Serious Answers to Serious Questions

Speaker: Matthew Ruttan
November 06, 2022

People are seeking. They’re seeking serious answers to serious questions. A child wonders if God sees the pain of other children in faraway countries. A wife lays beside her husband as he dies and wonders...

Costly, Whole-Hearted Devotion

Speaker: Matthew Ruttan
October 31, 2022

If you follow Jesus you are different. In 1961, 96% of people in our country identified as Christian. No longer. “No Religion” is now the second largest ‘religious’ category. And while you can’t read too...

Crying Like Jesus
Afraid no more
How to hear Jesus’ voice when you can’t actually hear his voice (Sermon)
Living an abundant life

Speaker: Matthew Ruttan
September 25, 2022

“Live your best life now!” That’s a fairly popular modern slogan. In fact, Jesus said something that (some people think) sounds kind of similar: “I came that they have may have life and have it...