Can You Help Me?

Can you help me? I’m working on something and I’ve love your input.

Here’s some background.

I’ve never met someone who doesn’t want to do some sort of good in the world. A lot of the people I meet want to be helpful. They want to be kind and encourage others.

You don’t have to look very far to see how badly the world needs good. We hear reports of human trafficking and murder, of terrorist plots and bullying. In fact, it can be so overwhelming that we…


wordswag_1472061528674But I have this conviction: The way to help everyone is to help someone. It doesn’t have to be some over-the-moon superstar project that puts you in a history textbook alongside Martin Luther King Jr or Mother Teresa.

But it has to be something.

Here’s where I need your help.

This autumn at Westminster I’m leading a series of Sunday messages called “The Good Life – Why settle for “the good life” when you can have a great one?” (Click here to read more about it .) One of the things I’m going to share as a part of that series is a list of tangible, practical, down-to-earth ideas for how people can help and serve others.

This is where you come in.

I’d love it if you would this question for me: What is one thing you’ve done that has helped or served someone in a practical way?

You can…

  • comment on this blog
  • leave a comment on social media
  • send me a private message, or
  • email me

I’ll share many of your ideas on a Sunday – and I’ll also blog about them so all of you can download the full list.

Not sure what I’m asking? Here are some examples:

  • “I keep a lookout for new people in the neighbourhood and bring them homemade muffins as a way to say ‘Welcome!’”
  • “I cut my neigbhour’s grass when they’re away”
  • “I always keep an envelope of money in the car for homeless people”
  • “Two of our neighbours don’t have cars so I’m kind of on call when they need to go to the hospital or something important”
  • “Every Saturday morning we clean up the park”
  • “I often buy the coffee for the guy behind me in the Tim Horton’s drive-thru”

I really feel strongly that the way to help everyone is to help someone. And sometimes we just need a few ideas from other people to kick-start our gumption so that we don’t… freeze.

Plus, there’s this: When you help someone, not only can you be used by God to bless others, but God can use others to bless you.

Can you send me your answer? I hope so! Trust me, we’ll all benefit.

What is one thing you’ve done that has helped or served someone in a practical way?


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