Confirmation Classes #3

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Confirmation is an opportunity for many of our young people to discuss the meaning of Jesus, participate in some faith-based activities, and see whether they want to make the faith their own—i.e. so that their faith isn't just something a parent believes in, but that they believe in. If a child has already been baptized, this would mean they are confirming their faith. If a child hasn't yet been baptized, this would be the time for that to happen as they publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ. It is also the moment when a young person becomes a full “professing member” of the congregation. These gatherings will take place on Sept 21 (7pm), Sept 28 (7pm) and Oct 5 (7pm). They will be led by Pastor Ruttan.  To RSVP or to ask questions email or call the church office at 705-728-0541.

Thanksgiving Food Drive for the Barrie Food Bank

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

October is upon us, as is Thanksgiving. It’s always a time of great need for the Barrie Food Bank. Over 3000 individuals required assistance last month. “Sadly, the need in our community has never been greater. The number of households served at the food bank in August was up 60 per cent over last August,” Barrie Food Bank says. You are invited to bring in items on October 2 and 9, 2022. Thank you for your help and faith-in-action. If you're unable to donate in person, you can donate directly to the Barrie Food Bank here, or you can send an etransfer to or mark your check and we will pass it on to them. You can also donate through our online giving form with tithely here or through the church app.

Sunday Service – Oct. 9, 2022

We worship together on Thanksgiving Sunday! As you come into the building you can write down something for which you are thankful and tape it to our Gratitude Wall in the front foyer. You are also invited to bring in items for our second (and final) Sunday for the Barrie Food Bank Drive. We’ll sing and pray together, and share some gift baskets with some youth who have graduated high school and are moving into post-secondary education. We’ll be blessed with Sunday School and nursery care. Pastor Ruttan will share a message on the raising of Lazarus (John 11:1-27) as a part of our journey through John’s Gospel. Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?” What is the tangible takeaway for people experiencing fear and uncertainty? Our service is in-person, and also live on YouTube at 10:01am.y

Sunday Service – Oct. 16, 2022

What is the shortest verse in the Bible? It’s embedded in the story of the raising of Lazarus. Right before Jesus performs this jaw-dropping miracle we read “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). That’s the whole verse. He weeps as a man; he weeps as God incarnate. On Sunday we’ll explore this moving text and think through its significance for what it means for us as we seek to be “like Jesus.” We will sing songs of praise, we will pray, we will benefit from Sunday School ministry and nursery care, and we will celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism for two of our youngest members! After the service, there will be coffee and Fellowship, as well as the Q and A Forum where Pastor Ruttan will respond to some of your previously submitted questions. The service is in-person and online at 10:01am.

Q & A Forum – October 2022

Westminster 170 Steel Street, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Our next Question and Answer forum will take place after worship on October 16th. This happens quarterly, is hosted by Pastor Ruttan, and is based on your previously submitted questions. f you’d like to learn more or to submit a question through the online form, here is the link.  Alternatively, you can leave a message at the church office (705-728-0541) and someone will get back to you. Here is an explainer video from Pastor Ruttan about this initiative.  

Sunday Service – Oct. 23, 2022

Jesus asked Peter, “Who do you say that I am?” In response he declared: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16). He was right! The church is based on this insight. This Sunday, October 23rd, several youth will confirm their faith in Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God. They will state the reason for their faith and why they want to become a part of his church. Some will be baptized, others anointed as a remembrance of their baptism. This will be the main part of our service and we rejoice with them! We will also sing to God, pray together, and be blessed with fellowship and nursery care. There will only be Sunday School for the Kindergarten to Grade 3 class. Everyone else will be in the sanctuary for this confirmation service. It will be shorter than usual, and focused on being a part of these faith statements! And yes, there will be cake afterwards!

Sunday Service – Oct. 30, 2022

Imagine spending $30,000 in a single moment of extravagance, but not getting anything physical in return. Why not? Because you spent it honouring Jesus. Others criticized you for it. They thought you were wasteful. They said the money would be better spent on helping the needy. You don’t have a lot of money, but you wanted to show him your devotion. It was that important. And guess what? Jesus said you were right. On Sunday we’ll explore John 12:1-11 when Mary anointed Jesus feet with oil and wiped his feet with her hair. We try to enter into the story and explore what it means to honour Jesus when other people think you’re wasteful or unwise. Sunday will also be Jenn Harris’ last official day as Music Director. We will formally thank Jenn on a Sunday in the not-too-distant future, but will get to enjoy the blessings of her musical leadership and dedication. We will commission our nursery volunteer helpers, sing songs of praise, lift prayers to God, benefit from Sunday School ministry, enjoy fellowship, and be reminded of the goodness of our God!

Remembrance Day Sunday Service – Nov.6, 2022

For this coming Sunday remember to turn back your clocks one hour! Remembrance Sunday is always special and is held the Sunday prior to Remembrance Day. This year it is on November 6th. We gather in gratitude, give thanks to God for his promise of peace, and honor the memory of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and who have served and died in the horrors of war. There will be the Act of Remembrance (including God Save The King, the laying of the wreath by a veteran, The Last Post, Reveille, and O Canada), and In Flanders Fields (read by one of our young people). Before the youth leave for Sunday school we will light the Candles of Remembrance and Hope. At that time you will be invited forward (if you wish) to light a candle in remembrance of someone who has died in war, or as a prayer for peace. If you’ll be watching from home, be sure to have your candle ready. Pastor Ruttan will teach about John 12:20–26 and the men who wanted to see Jesus. When people open a door to us indicating that they are open to the things of God, do we share something about the hope of Jesus, or something less?

Sunday Service – November 13, 2022

Jesus tells his people to “Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you.” But what does that mean? Later he calls them “children of light.” There are times when these metaphors can seem confusing. So on Sunday we’ll unpack his meaning and go through an uplifting exercise which will move you forward in God’s light. We will sing, pray together, learn, and encourage. There will be Sunday School ministry, nursery care, and fellowship time.

Sunday Service – Nov. 20, 2022

Today while Pastor Ruttan is on his final day of Study Leave, our service is led by Jeff Walther, an active part of our Westminster Church family. People and families in our church, our community and across the country are about to experience one of the most difficult financial climates in many years. Local organizations such as the Food Bank and Christmas Cheer as well as international charities such as World Vision and The Red Cross are already warning of empty shelves and hungry children. As Christians, what should our response to this situation be? Knowing that “God loves a cheerful giver” but realizing that we are all limited to how much we can do to help the situation, what can we do to help? This Sunday we will look at the “ripple effect” that becomes the tidal wave of love when we all give, serve and encourage in the name of Jesus Christ. Our music leadership will be by Nena LaMarre. We will sing, pray, be encouraged and encourage others. There will be nursery care, Sunday School and fellowship time.