Recap, Re-load or Rewind: Faith-at-Home FOCI chart

Recap, Re-load or Rewind: Faith-at-Home FOCI chart

For this August and early September we have compiled a chart with faith-at-home activities. (Pastor Ruttan and Sunday School Coordinator will now be away until September 6th.) This chart recaps many of the faith-at-home focus ideas from the past 16 months.

There are Bible memory verses, and also prayer, Bible and service activities. The reason it is called “recap, re-load or rewind” is because it is an opportunity to look back on an activity or project that you perhaps missed and would now like to do, or which you would like to do again.

Do you remember the Poweroom, or the prayer pivot or prayer jar? What about the different media options for exploring the Bible, or service-based activities which bless others?

Dates are included with each activity. That’s so you can go to our church’s YouTube page and watch the video in case you need some further instruction or reminder about the specifics for that activity.

Remember that the home is the primary place where faith is formed. Let’s grow in Christ together!

Here is the chart: faith at home foci chart


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