Family Devotional – Big Basics

Since we have decided to cancel public gathering for worship amidst the current COVID-19 epidemic and are only holding them via live stream, we are also providing weekly family devotional resources.

For the week of May 24th it’s called Big Basics. You can download a pdf version here, or simply read the explanation below: Family Devotional – Big Basics – Westminster PC – 2020 05 22

1. Background

A lot of people are feeling dislocated right now. I don’t mean from their homes or countries. I mean in terms of their routines. This is an opportunity to re-shuffle the pieces of our lives around the Big Basics. They are ‘big’ because they are significant in our faith development. They are ‘basic’ because they are uncomplicated and time-tested. They are Christian practices that help a family learn, rest, serve and grow together.

Special note:

  • Some families include non-Christians. Maybe a spouse doesn’t yet know Christ, or perhaps an older child. Or maybe Christian faith is simply new to someone in the household (or a few people in the household) and it’s a learning curve. Whatever the situation, talk with each other about these activities, and ask people in your home to support what you’re doing.

2. Activity
a) Discuss what the “basics” are. For example, when it comes to a certain sport, or to learning something, what are “the basics”? (In hockey, the basics are skating and stick-handling. In education they might be reading, writing and math.) Talk through some different examples that connect with your own interests.

b) Discuss why basics are important if you want to grow and learn more about something.

c) Ask: In Christianity, what are some the “the basics” about what we do as followers of Jesus? (Examples might be prayer, or helping others, or going to a worship service.)

d) Together, plan a week which includes a return to the Big Basics. Here are some suggestions:
• Grace at mealtime (all of them, and even when you’re alone)
• Morning prayer and evening prayer
• A time to read the Bible (either alone or as a group)
• A day of rest (no official work or schoolwork; and no non-essential technology). Include uncomplicated activities that are restful and joyful.

e) There could be other practices such as worshiping together, or some sort of fasting. You should consider what will work for your family based on where you are at in your journey.

f) After you make your plan (or incorporate something new into your plan if you already have something solid in place), discuss this question: How will this help us?

g) Begin!

As life continues to change in light of COVID-19, think about how your weekly routine will be structured on and around the Big Basics, regardless of how your “new normal” starts to take shape.

God wants the best for us, wants us to be at his best for his glory and our joy, and has given us tools to help make that happen!


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