Family Devotional – Create

Since we have decided to cancel public gathering for worship amidst the current COVID-19 epidemic and are only holding them via live stream, we are also providing weekly family devotional resources.

This can be used with children on Sunday morning, or at some other time during the week.

For the week of April 19 it’s called Create.  You can download a pdf version here, or simply read below: Family Devotional – Create – Westminster PC – 2020 04 19

Parent(s): Read this ahead of time to prepare

We are made in the image of a Creator God (Genesis 1:27), so let’s create!

This devotional is about visually depicting something that is based on Scripture. It will help us express our feelings during the Covid-19 pandemic, and encourages others during a worship service.

The end product will be used as a part of a video slide show in our online worship service on April 26th!

SPECIAL NOTE: This is for people of all ages, no matter where or who you are!

Materials Needed

  • A Bible
  • Whatever materials you need to visually depict something. For some this might be pencils and crayons and paper, or it might be Lego, or a camera, or… (See step c below.)
  • Smart phone (or scanner) and internet connection


a. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we are living our day-to-day lives. Ask: What are some things that have perhaps changed in a good way, and what are some things that have perhaps changed in a bad way?

b. Because of everything that is happening, we probably have a lot of feelings or emotions about what we’re going through. Some might be happy, some might be sad. We might be afraid, or we might feel at peace. Brainstorm and look up Bible verses that either (a) help you feel better, or (b) that describe how you feel.

c. (Remember, this is for people of all ages!) Create something visual based on your special verse. Some will want to draw a picture, or paint something. Some will create a scene out of play-dough or Lego. Some will capture a picture with a camera. Other ideas are welcome too!

d. Take a picture of (or scan) what you’ve created and:

  • email it to Pastor Ruttan at
  • include your name and what verse it is based on
  • do this by the due date: Noon on Thursday, April 23!

The creations (along with your name and Bible verse) will be included in a video during worship on April 26th!

Display your creation somewhere in your house or apartment.


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