Family Devotional – Share

Since we have decided to cancel public gathering for worship amidst the current COVID-19 epidemic and are only holding them via live stream, we are also providing weekly family devotional resources.

For the week of June 14th it’s called Share. You can download a pdf version here, or simply read the explanation below: Family Devotional – Share – Westminster PC – 2020 06 14


• As you know, Westminster has been providing weekly faith-at-home resources (family devotionals) to help you engage your faith together in various ways, especially at a time when there is no Sunday morning youth ministries.
• This devotional invites you to talk about activities you have done previously which you feel were very positive, and send them to us.
• With these ideas, we will create a grid of activities—a kind of bingo sheet—to share with everyone. The variety will provide a great diversity of ideas and benefit our many congregants!

Materials Needed
a. You and your ideas!

a. Simply talk about things you’ve done which have strengthened your faith together. They could be learning-based, activity-based, or a combination.

b. Share them with (send them to) our Sunday School Coordinator, Laura Ruttan, at hudswell [at] Hotmail [dot] com.

c. Westminster will then share the grid/bingo sheet with the congregation. We can benefit from each other’s ideas and experiences!

d. As you plan your summer, you can integrate activities that work with your schedule, and with the people in your household.

e. The deadline in June 25th!


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