Family Devotional – “Closer” (Part 2) and Palm Sunday

Since we have decided to cancel our worship services amidst the current COVID-19 epidemic and are only holding them via live stream, we recognize that watching a full worship service on YouTube might be difficult for some of our younger congregants.

Therefore, each week we will provide a ‘family devotional’ resource to be used either on Sunday morning, or another time through the week. This is something we have created ourselves.

For March 29 and April 5, 2020 it is called “Closer” and is in-step with Pastor Ruttan’s message about fighting fear by drawing closer to God. It includes step-by-step instructions and includes the materials you need.

There are several things to print and cut out as a part of the activity, so here it is in pdf form. Just click and print, and follow the instructions! – Family Devotional – Closer – Westminster PC – 2020 03 29

Pastor Ruttan also talked about the importance (and privilege) of publicly showing our faith, especially at a time like this when we can’t gather with other groups of people to do so. In light of this, he invited the congregation to make a Palm Branch (perhaps by using, colouring, cutting out and mounting this handout) and put it in your windows as a way to publicly celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as King on Palm Sunday! You can use any template you’d like, but here is an example: PalmColoring


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