Grave Robber – Easter Morning Prayer 2020

Opening Prayer, Easter Morning, 2020, Pastor Ruttan

Lord God Almighty—grave robber, death defeater, surprising Saviour—on this morning of mornings, on this day of days, on this birthday of Hope who has a name—Jesus Christ—risen and ruling, we glorify you!

We celebrate you, and your surprising love, and your kingdom come, and the ways you are making all things new by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Where there is death, you explode new life. Where there is defeat, you summon victory. Where there is hate, you grow love. Where there is pain, you inject hope. Where there is uncertainty, you build soul strength. Where there is despair, you draw us back to the risen Son who shines—again and again and again.

Lord, outside that first empty tomb, the women were “afraid yet filled with joy.” There are things in our lives today, in these challenging times, that fill us with fear, uncertainty, pain… Today we lift them all to you. For the new life you flourish. For the victory you summon. For the love you grow. For the hope you inject. For the strength you build. For the Son who shines in each and every heart who says Yes to you.

Fix our feet firmly on the empty tomb, so that fear has to move over, so that your un-intimidated joy can rule more robustly in our hearts and minds, even when the shadows of night still try to desperately cling to their fading real estate.

Lord we know that in a world where resurrection is possible, anything is possible. Because of that—because of you—open our hearts, minds, and souls, to hear a word from you today. A divine word, a powerful word, a word of healing, a word of hope, a word from the mouth of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord, Friend, and Physician.

Lord God Almighty—grave robber, death defeater, surprising Saviour—we pray these bold things in the name of Hope himself, Jesus Christ, risen and ruling, and with the words he taught us to pray together, saying: Our Father…


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