In Weakness, Strength – Discussion Questions for The Vine on Week 12

On Sunday we had Part 2 in our current teaching series called “Stronger – 3 keys to what everyone wants to be but few achieve.”

So this Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm at The Vine we’ll get into the details on what will be the last Vine evening for the spring of 2017!

This post lets you link to the podcast (in case you missed it), and lets you know the discussion questions ahead of time.

Podcast: “In Weakness, Strength”
If you missed the message or want to review it, you can listen in here.

Bible Passage
The Bible passage was a 2 Corinthians 102:1-10. You can read it here.


Here are this week’s questions so you can start to ponder Wednesday’s discussions:

1. On Sunday we continued to talk about what it means to be strong. In 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 Paul talks about some of his special visions, about strength and weakness, and about being given a “thorn in his flesh” to keep him from being conceited. Although we’re not told what this thorn (i.e. difficulty) was, God did not take it away from him—even though Paul asked him to do so three times. Why would some kind of thorn or difficulty keep Paul from being conceited?

2. In your own life, what is a difficult thing you’ve had to deal with that has kept you humble? Has this made you closer to God, or more distant?

3. In response to his prayer for help, God gives this message to Paul: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” What does that mean? Do you think that statement is for Paul only, or is it a general statement that can be applied to all of us? Explain your answer.

4. In light of all this, Matthew said that strong people are honest about needing help and serious about getting help. This is counter-intuitive because many of us have been taught that strong people are independent and never need or ask for help. Using the language of sin, why is it hard for people to admit they need help?

5. Proverbs 15:22 says: “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” God has ordered the world in such a way that he works in and through other people to bring us wisdom and strength, and to draw us closer to himself. Why are other people a necessary part of the equation? What does this teach us about God’s plan for human life?

6. Tonight is the last session for The Vine in Spring 2017. What has been most helpful or encouraging thing about it as you’ve had discussions and listened to the input of others?


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