Being FOR things, not just AGAINST things (Sermon)

Being FOR things, not just AGAINST things (Sermon)
The Word at Westminster
Being FOR things, not just AGAINST things (Sermon)

Sometimes it’s easier to identify what we’re AGAINST rather than what we’re FOR. “I’m against this cause or that idea…”

Why is that? Do we simply focus more on the negative than on the positive? Are we naturally just passionate about what upsets us? Or do we sometimes lose sight of what we’re supposed to be shooting for in the first place?

Paul is against sexual immorality. So is Jesus. But since God is always sovereign, holy, wise, loving and good, his commands are for our benefit and reflect his character. This sermon on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 is a test case for what it means to not only be against something but FOR something–in this case, holiness.

It also provides a strategy for thinking through other beliefs, issues or causes, so that you can be clear about why you are FOR them as an image-bearer of God himself.


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