Fickle or Faithful (Sermon)

Fickle or Faithful (Sermon)
The Word at Westminster
Fickle or Faithful (Sermon)

Crowds can be fickle. One day they’re yelling “Hosanna!” to Jesus and a few days later they’re crying “Crucify him!” If they weren’t yelling, they had already left him.

Where are we in the mix? The people around us—and the society around us (“the crowds”)—tend to exert a big influence on how we think and what we do. Are we fickle… or faithful?

It’s an appropriate time in history to ask the question. In 1961, 96% of Canadians identified as Christian.

But things have changed—rapidly. Research shows that normal faith-based behaviour (including evangelism, reading the Bible silently in public, or even going to church) is now considered ‘extreme’ by a lot of people. In Canada, more and more people are ‘most uncomfortable’ being around evangelical Christians. Yikes.

Here’s the key question: Will we be fickle or faithful as the world turns on Jesus?

That’s what this Palm Sunday sermon explores on John 12:12-19. It takes us through the text and then suggests four attitudes and actions that will help us to be faithful instead of fickle.

It is called “Fickle or Faithful.”


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