My Captain, My Ship (Sermon)

My Captain, My Ship (Sermon)
The Word at Westminster
My Captain, My Ship (Sermon)

You’re about to go through a storm. But you can choose which ship to sail in.

The captain in boat number one isn’t very experienced. But the captain in boat number two has an incredible track record. In fact, he’s successfully navigated every single storm, ever.

Which captain are you going to choose?

In John 8 Jesus uses clear and powerful language to tell us that he is divine. That’s why he lived before Abraham who lived 2000 years before him! Jesus is God come to us in human form. Therefore, he is the only captain who can claim our confidence in the storm.

This sermon explores John 8:48-59, Jesus’ words “before Abraham was, I am,” the hostile reaction of others, and some practical questions about whether or not he is actually our Captain, and whether or not we take his ship (the church) as seriously as we should.

Entrust yourself to the one captain who has successfully carried his people through every single storm ever.


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