Something Still Seems “Off”—Sarah Joy Covey on Life After the Pandemic

Something Still Seems “Off”—Sarah Joy Covey on Life After the Pandemic
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Something Still Seems “Off”—Sarah Joy Covey on Life After the Pandemic

Something still seems “off.” I’ve sensed it. Have you? Maybe not for everyone, but for more people than you realize. I’m talking about life after the pandemic.

“It’s over, but I don’t feel the same.”
“Life is moving on, but I sometimes don’t feel very well.”
“I’m not sure why, but I’m angry.”
“I’m worried about my kids.”
“I should feel better, but don’t—and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say anything about it.”

In this episode I speak with Sarah Joy Covey, a therapist and the owner and director of the Covey Wellness Centre. She talks about what she is observing, some of the reasons for why many people feel the way they do, and some best practices going forward.

You can listen here, or by tuning in to ‘The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan’ wherever you subscribe. You can also watch the video (below), and see a list of topics, quotes, and the resources she mentions.

Enjoy! And be well.

Topics and quotes

  • There can be a crash after a crisis.
  • “We made it through, but we really white-knuckled through.”
  • “I don’t understand why I’m not doing okay—because it’s over.”
  • A lack of (safe, healthy) places for people to talk about their post-pandemic feelings (which aren’t highly politicized or stressful)
  • With a lack of social contact (as on social media) there was a barrier which fueled so much division.
  • The principle of inertia.
  • “If I had to choose one single issue that was the biggest issue for me in terms of what impacted mental health, it was isolation.”
  • Virtual connection is only a substitute for real connection.
  • What is social anxiety?
  • Remember why it matters to be around other people.
  • All change begins in our minds.
  • Re-engagement involves risk.
  • Being able to have conversations about where harm was done in a community.
  • Helping children cope with their Covid losses. “I’m never going to get grade nine back…”
  • You have to be allowed to grieve and talk about what was lost.
  • With an uncertain future, how do we become more resilient?
  • We’re letting technology set the pace for us.
  • Resisting the noise, finding quiet.
  • We need to seek out truth and cling to that.
  • “The antidote to isolation is gathering.”

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