Your Input, God’s Output (Sermon)

Your Input, God's Output (Sermon)
The Word at Westminster
The Word at Westminster
Your Input, God's Output (Sermon)

Do you ever wonder if you can make a difference. I mean, a real difference? A lot of us doubt that we can. We certainly won’t make it into a history book or have a TV special made about us.

But what if we’re thinking about it all wrong?

The truth is, you can make a meaningful difference in your life and in this world. It’s just that you have to have the right perspective and priorities.

In this sermon on John 6:1-15 where Jesus miraculously feeds thousands of people, Pastor Ruttan takes us through the text, and zeroes in on an anonymous and poor boy. His act of faith was not put to waste. This practical sermon gives us a lot to consider as we contemplate how to make a difference with our own lives.


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