Prayer Pivot: Faith-at-Home Focus, week of Feb. 14, 2021

Prayer Pivot: Faith-at-Home Focus, week of Feb. 14, 2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are providing a weekly faith-at-home focus. After all, the primary place where faith is shaped is in the home.

We rotate between having a focus on memorization, prayer, the Bible, and a service activity.

For the week of Feb. 14, 2021, we listen in to an idea from therapist Sarah Covey. It’s an exert from a talk she had with Pastor Ruttan as a part of The Pulse Podcast.

The video explanation is below. But in short, it’s an invitation to go for a prayer walk. Mirroring a progression we often see in the psalms (moving from lament, sadness or frustration to being reminded of the goodness of God), you start out by pouring your heart out honestly to God. Then pivot, and return to where you started from being mindful of the goodness and faithfulness of God in your life.

Anyone can do this. You can do it while walking the dog, headed to or from school, etc.

Here is the explanation, and we again thank Sarah Covey for her help!



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