A Saviour (Not Sameness)

Is it just me or is community collapsing?

Why do fewer people know their neighbours? Why are fewer people participating in community organizations? Why are some people surrounded by thousands of people but still lonely? What is it getting harder to form deep relationships?

Sure, there are signs of people valuing community in our neighbourhoods and towns, but they seem increasingly rare.

These are some of the questions and themes we explored on May 6 at Westminster in Part 2 of a mini-series called “Common Bond – The collapse of community in a consumer world and the call of community in Christ’s.”

If you’re concerned about this trend, and if you want to know what to do about it, then these two Sundays are for you.

For the message we explored Romans 15:1-7 and the kind of community we are called to be as a church. It’s not mushy or shallow, but meaningful and biblical. It’s a response to the endangerment of community we see around us.

The message is called “A Saviour (Not Sameness).” Listen in!

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