Alt Right? Alt Left?–And Jesus

We live in polarizing and controversial times. Race riots make the news, Google and Facebook are accused of suppressing speech and certain voices they disagree with, there’s the controversial sex-ed curriculum debate, ‘identity politics’ is seemingly on the rise, environmental laws seem to get railroaded for economic gain, there are random shootings in schools and malls and public places, and subsequent debates about gun control. Should I go on?

Part of the problem with these hot-button issues is that there is so much rhetoric and spin. Plus, the internet has given people louder voices and bigger platforms to convince you that their ideas are the right ones. And it sometimes seems that everyone wants to be right so badly that they malign or slander everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

So our main question at Westminster on September 2nd was this: In light of extremism, information overload, rhetoric and spin, how do we know the truth and act in a Christ-centred way?

Listen in the podcast to find out what we ended up. The message is called “Alt Right? Alt Left?—And Jesus.”


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