Angels Among Us

Are there angels among us? I think so. And after you hear these two powerful stories, you might think so too. A month ago I offered a message about angels. Since that time, several people came forward with stories about their own experiences where God was incredibly active in their lives at a time of great need. So on February 19th at Westminster, we shared two of them. And I’d really like to thank the Denniss family and the Walther-Ford family for their willingness to share. Their stories help us. Why? Because when you talk about your faith you bring about faith. The message is called “Angels among us.”

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  1. Marion Gilchrist : February 24, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Good Afternoon, Matthew;
    Amy Walther-Ford sent me the link to your message about angels. What a powerful message! I direct a preschool programme at First Baptist and Ethan is one of my “little lambs.” Every time I see him, I am reminded of his birth and the angel that ministered to Amy and Jason.

    • Hi Marion, thanks for the note, and also for the work/service you do at First Baptist! That’s so great. Yes, the story Amy shared about when Ethan was born was and is very powerful. And I think she said it with such grace and confidence. God is on the move, and it’s amazing that he is involved in our daily lives!

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