Beginnings, beginnings and yes, beginnings

Beginnings, beginnings and yes, beginnings

Happy New Year! The Reverend Dr. Claude Cox led our service with a sermon titled ‘Beginnings, beginnings and yes, beginnings’. How appropriate!

He has been the chaplain for many years at Grove Park Home for Senior Citizens and adjunct faculty at McMaster Divinity College—Old Testament and Hebrew, for almost as long. His wife Elaine, has been a nurse in the ICU for a bit longer. They have 3 grown children, Michael, Jason and Laura.

The text is Mark 1:1–13. Being New Year’s day it seems like an appropriate moment to talk about the place of beginnings in Scripture, beginning at the beginning ( ! ), from the beginning to the beginning of the Gospel, and from that beginning to our own beginnings. Sounds like a lot of beginnings, doesn’t it? Of course, we have the synonym “start,” but it’s not quite the same as “beginning,” is it?


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