Belief Gives Birth to Behaviour

“Christian Atheism.” I know, it’s a strange phrase. Isn’t Christianity the opposite of atheism?

Well, you’re right. It should be.

On February 4 at Westminster we started a series called “Christian Atheism: Saying you believe in a life-changing God but living like it doesn’t make a difference.”

What do we say about prayer, verses how we actually pray? What do we say about knowing God or loving our neighbours or sacrifice or priorities or the Bible or church or heaven and hell or money, verses how we actually live our lives?

In Part 1 we dove into this: When you say you believe in a life-changing God… but don’t know Jesus.

We did this because how you answer the question “Who is Jesus?” is the most important question you will ever answer. And it totally impacts your faith and how you live your life.

This series isn’t meant to make you feel more guilty, but to provide you with more clarity. It will also embolden and firm up your faith.

You don’t have to change the world. But, with God’s help, you do need to change yours.

Part 1 is called “Belief gives birth to behaviour.” Listen in!


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