Believers live like believers

Believers live like believers

This Sunday’s message was called “Believers live like believers,” and is Part 9 in the Down-To-Earth series which has taken us through the book of James.  This week we are covering the final section of the text; James 5:13-20.

Pastor Ruttan asked us “Do you want to not only believe the right things, but to live in the right way?”  And went on to state that “here’s the difference it makes: You truly live when you live like you were designed to life. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to truly live. We want to live good lives, to be good people, to make a difference, to be faithful to God, to be the kind of people who bless others with faith, hope and love, right? Bringing together our beliefs with our actions makes this possible. You truly live when you live like you were designed to live.”

In these verses from chapter 5, James gives us very specific examples about how to live as believers—not just people who say they’re believers, but who demonstrate that they actually are.  He went on to share five examples about how to live as believers. One of the things James makes clear is this: Jesus is not an accessory to your life; he is your life.


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