Leadership is desperately needed in our world. When we think of a “leader,” we usually think of someone in an official capacity, like a coach, boss, Prime Minister or President.

But Jesus’ people are continually presented with opportunities for unofficial leadership. These are everyday moments when someone needs step forward to provide guidance, make a decision, or intervene in a situation.

A lot is happening during Jesus’ trial, torture and crucifixion. Something we often miss are the parallels between the coronation of Caesar and the crucifixion of Christ. The historical events unfold in a way which teaches us about the nature of true leadership. This is demonstrated in Christ, and offered as an example for his people to emulate as they go about doing his work in the world.

This sermon is on John 19:1-16a and explores the concept of “bleedership,” loving self-sacrifice, and three things Christians can do as people of influence, trusting that Jesus is Lord and Caesar is not.


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