But deliver us from evil

Have you ever wondered about the Devil or demons? For a lot of us, we know that Jesus (and others in the Bible) talk and teach about the Devil and the presence of real evil in our world, but we don’t really know much about it. And much of what we do know is influenced by strange things we see in popular culture like in Hollywood movies. What’s more is that many of us have been told by someone that the biblical passages about the Devil and evil are just “dated” and simply reflect a pre-scientific understanding of things… and therefore, they say, we don’t need to take them seriously.

On Sunday, May 12th, Pastor Ruttan continued the current teaching series called Apprenticeship 2.0. As a part of that he looked at the battleground that we find ourselves living in — and yes, it is a battleground. He explored Luke 4:1-13 to discover some key findings about navigating real evil in our world.

Imagine yourself playing hockey, but the other team simply isn’t there. Well, that’s how a lot of people think of life. It’s just them, God, and the road ahead. But the game is totally different if there is an opponent. (And guess what, there is!) Truth is, you’d be much better prepared if you knew that was the case. The good news is that there is clear, understandable help for living confidently and victoriously as God’s people of love and truth in our challenging world.  Have a listen!



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