Choosing Humility

This week, Pastor Ruttan took us through Philippians 2:1-18 for Part 2 in our series: “Mature – 4 Things Mature People Do On The Path of Joy.” Our focus was on humility, and the message title is “Choosing Humility”.

It’s something we can admire, but these days it seems at risk of extinction in a society of self-promotion, and of bigger, better, more. C.S. Lewis wrote: “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, but of yourself less.” But why is it essential to maturity and joy? Cultivating humility in the ways we discussed on Sunday will help you deal with adversity and uncertainty.

How does humility help you deal with adversity and uncertainty?

  • You will be quicker to call on God or others for help because you aren’t always worried about appearing strong, smart, or independent
  • You will be better able to evaluate situations because your perspective isn’t negatively coloured by an unhealthy preoccupation with your own interests
  • You can be more joyful because your identity is firmly rooted in Christ, and not in your own successes or failures

Listen to hear the four bible based applications from this passage that you can choose to use and develop your own maturity through humility.



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