Christian Idolaters?

When we hear the word “idolatry,” many of us think of ancient peoples bowing down to man-made statues. Because of that, none of us think it’s a problem for us.

But we may need to think again. Why? Because our understanding of idolatry is way too narrow.

On October 28th at Westminster, we explored Deuteronomy 4:14-24 and the idea that idolatry is giving first place priority to something or someone who isn’t God. In light of that, your home can be an idol, your income can be an idol, your ‘success’ can be an idol, your family can be an idol, your “likes” can be an idol, your body can be an idol…

We discussed how modern idolatry can hold you back, and three ways to discern your own idols. It’s important because idolatry harms and distracts us from God’s bigger purposes for our lives.

The message is called “Christian Idolaters?” Listen in!


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