Crying Like Jesus

Crying Like Jesus

W.W.J.D. is a popular acronym that originated in the 1990’s. The “what would Jesus do” movement encouraged people to be “like Jesus.”

When we think about being “like Jesus” what usually comes to mind? Love, humility, sacrifice? All good things.

What about crying?

The shortest version the Bible is John 11:35: “Jesus wept.” Before he raised his beloved friend from the dead, he cried.

Why did he do that? And what does it teach us about being like him? That’s what this sermon on John 11:28-57 explores.

We can’t be like Jesus if we don’t know what he was like. We all have blind spots. Perhaps a wider view is our next best step as we seek to follow the one who will one day return with nail marks in his hands and tear stains on his cheeks.


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