Different From the World For the World

Society is changing. And if you’re a person of faith, you’ve probably noticed that with each passing day you’re increasingly different than many of the people around you because of that faith. There are a lot of real similarities — but there are a lot of real differences too. So what should you make of this new reality? Why is it happening? And most importantly, how do you follow Jesus with confident, loving integrity?

Well, you can be “peachy.”

On January 8th at Westminster, our pastor started a new series called Peachy – How to have confident convictions and lead with love when others think your faith makes you foolish or fanatical.” In Part 1 he offered us a new definition of what it means to be “peachy,” and also something we have in common with many of the Christians in the first century which can help our perspective today.

The message is called “Be different from the world for the world.” Listen in!


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