Does God Even Exist? – Part 1: Mind Before Matter

I personally think that’s the one question that changes everything. Are we here on purpose, or by chance? Is there something after death, or not? Is there right and wrong, or is it all relative? Do truth, beauty and love have meaning? And do they make a difference? I think all of these questions underlie a bigger one: Does God even exist?

For three weeks at Westminster, this is what we’re exploring. On September 17 we dove into Part 1. As a part of that, I pulled apart the modern myth that science and faith are opposites. Then I explored the first of three arguments about the existence of God.

Do you want to better understand what science is (and isn’t)? Then this is for you. Do you want to better understand the reasons to believe? Then this is for you. Are you kind of unsure but want to know more? Then this is for you.

I invite you to listen in. Be challenged. Be surprised. And be ready. Part 1 is called Mind Before Matter. Listen in!

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