Does God Even Exist? – Part 2: “God, that’s beautiful”

Is our universe and world just here by chance, or is it by design? Are we the result of randomness, or is there an orchestrated intelligence to life on earth?

On September 24 this is what we explored as a part of our teaching series called “Does God even exist?”

Do you want to know the actual mathematical probability that we are here by chance? Then this is for you. Do you want to know an argument for God’s existence from how the universe and world is designed? Then this is for you. Do you want to know why James Clerk-Maxwell had a Bible quote over his famous physics laboratory, what Stephen Hawking says, or why famous atheist Anthony Flew changed his mind and started believing in God. If so, this is for you.

Part 2 of our series is called “God, That’s Beautiful.” Listen in!

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