Does God Even Exist? – Part 3: The Maker of Morality

Why do we think it’s wrong for someone else to cut in line? Why do we think it’s wrong when someone bullies a child and takes their money? And why do we think it’s right when people keep their word, share, or help those in need?

And why is there a basic sense of right and wrong that transcends cultures and countries?

On October 1st at Westminster this is what we explored as a part of our “Does God Even Exist?” series. In this third and final installment we looked at the argument from morality.

Not only did we look at what this argument says, but also at the popular counter arguments. Then, we summarized the whole series and speculated about the difference any of it makes.

Part 3 of our series is called The Maker of Morality. Listen in. And be encouraged!

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