Downward Mobility

Downward Mobility

How would you define success? Is it accumulating money, influence, beauty or power? Well, of course not. We wouldn’t admit that — at least not out loud.

There’s a phrase that people use: “the ladder of success.” Imaging climbing up that ladder, and then imagine climbing through a window at the top of that ladder. After all, a ladder leans on something, doesn’t it? What if that ladder led you into the wrong window of the wrong house?

I wonder how Jesus defines success. Turns out, he never uses the word. So what DOES he say about the things we should strive after?

This sermon on John 13:1-30 looks at the surprising and topsy-turvy story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, including Judas. How might we take his example seriously as we navigate life in a world drunk on misplaced ideas of success.


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