Ed is not your friend

Has everything in your life turned out as you thought it would? (Me neither!) Life serves up some pretty unexpected and challenging things. So many of us plan on our Plan As coming true that we kind of flop around like fish out of water when they don’t. So we need to exhale, regroup, and get some godly perspective as we launch into Plan B, Plan C… or whatever other plan we’re on.

On September 13th I started a new Sunday series called “Plan B – What to expect from God when things doing go as expected.” In Part 1, we looked at Proverbs 19:21 to learn about what we can expect from God when things don’t go as expected. The message is called “Ed is not your friend.” But who is Ed and why are we picking on him? Well, listen in to find out.

(Technical note: There is a bit of fuzz for a few parts of the message. Sorry about that!)

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