Faith and Faithfulness

Faith and Faithfulness

This Sunday was Part 4 in our “Down-to-Earth” series.  Pastor Ruttan focused on the verses from James 2:14-26.

In it he stated that “faith without deeds is dead,” suggesting that faithfulness flows from deeds.  And went on to discuss how this, is practical terms, is expressed.  Once we’ve accepted Christ into our hearts and minds it should reflect in our actions and deeds.  Talking about an honoured example like Abraham who offered his son all the way to Rahab, the prostitute, who hid the spies sent into the promised land of biblical examples – Pastor Ruttan shared that our deeds brings our own faith alive.

At the end, he landed on “faith with deeds is alive” through our efforts to be actually changed by our faith.

You can find sermon notes for this message here.




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